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An offshore company or an account without taxes?
Written by ICG    Friday, 01 May 2009 16:15    PDF Print E-mail

What do you want to actually intending to buy an offshore company? What is the main goal? You probably want to earn more, as though it may sound trite. Company abroad differs from a simple stack of paper that with her help fill in some blanks, you can open a bank account, which will begin to reach the objects of your desire: dollars, euros and other currencies. So the first thing you need a good bank, where you will hear, and Account kotorymy would be simple and easy to use, where ever you are.

International Consulting Group is an open structure, unified by the practitioners area of bank management, FINANCING and audit services to provide professional assistance to business customers in an effective interaction with the banking and financial institutions in Western Europe, Switzerland, the Baltic States, the Caribbean and other offshore jurisdictions. We always recommend an offshore bank and with whom, or who have previously worked themselves, and in practice, make sure that the decisions of the customers' needs.

Tax rates (income, value added tax), and the availability of benefits are not the main factor, as the country's location or address location director, who gave dovrennost. Cyprus, BVI, UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong. Belize, Seychelles - which is better? The answer is simple, although it differs from "traditional" - better than a good bank.

What is the tax rate in your country? And what actually do you pay? Likewise, a system in any country in the world - the only difference in detail and respect to a particular business. Therefore, we do not provide tax advice and does not hold public seminars. We sell tools for business success. You know how to make money. Together - we all earn more. Without asking questions about it ...

Good luck and good decisions!

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