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Want an account in Switzerland? Ponravtes bank!
Written by ICG    Friday, 01 May 2009 16:46    PDF Print E-mail

Yes it is! Swiss bank account is of little interest your business and pay you taxes. And any other bank, too. All banks are the same. Bank interested in the answer only one question - how much money you bring to him, as a company or as a private client. If the interests of the bank match your needs - then you are a bank customer. Each bank has its minimum, after which you begin to listen. It does not matter what turn your business, who your suppliers and customers, etc. - the bigger the bank, the smaller papers and documents required by the client - important is the person who owns and operates the business.

Probably over the years the business you have learned to speak beautifully, it is difficult to determine the seriousness of your intentions and promises with respect to the bank. Help documents. Particularly banking, confirming that this is not your first account, and you know how to use it. Or recommendation. Many banks like private clubs - to get to it, needs to recommend an existing client or a representative of the bank. It is not necessary that this be a formal letter - in most cases, call or email. Even if you open a bank account the Baltic states - is made to the legal or consulting firm has provided advice to the bank - it will speed up the decision making process.

How do you open an account

The process of opening an account in any of the western banks, including Swiss, differs significantly from that in the CIS countries. When opening an account never is present, third parties, including notaries, signature sample card, and copies of all required documents are certified employee of a bank or an authorized representative, certification can occur at any convenient place for the client - not necessarily that it was the office of the bank - if you wish, we can assure organize account opening, even in the restaurant or on a yacht - the main thing to correctly answer the question stated in the beginning.

Services in support of opening accounts abroad predalagayut many legal and consulting company. On the issue of guarantees opening - state that they only produce documents and make them representative of the bank. Unlike services provided by international consulting group that we are representatives and at the same time customers of all banks with which sotrudinichaem, and can almost immediately make it clear to the client agrees to whether or not the Bank to work with him, what characteristics of service exist today . We can also, if desired client to demonstrate the system account management of the Internet banking service through the example of their own accounts - we trust our customers and are always ready to help and show in practice how to use the system for account management.

When opening an account exceptions are some types of businesses that may be a conflict of interest at the bank's shareholders or the state in which the registered bank, for example, international trade energonostelyami, dual-use goods, big government contracts - in this case the approach is different for each major transaction and requires a longer time to agree on the level of major shareholders servicing bank.

Who are PEPSI, or who are typically denied the banks?

If in the process of opening a bank account you will assign to the category of Pepsi, (PEPs - Politically Exposed Persons) then the process may take more time. In other words, if ever before and now you or someone any of your relatives is a civil servant or politician - you are in a separate category of clients who may be causing an increased risk for the bank. In this case, will have to prove and convince the bank that the source of your capital is a business proshozhdenie and it has nothing to do with the state or political activities you and your family.

Corruption - is one of the few moments when the income from the client does not matter. It is related to some of the principles and the potential risk to the reputation of the bank, which serves the PEP-clients. Probably, you have repeatedly bribed officials and civil servants. Most likely no positive emotions, as you have earned this money, and officials simply "received." Tax evasion is still not considered a crime in Switzerland, in contrast to the corruption. In the Western banks are not accepted to help corrupt. This is considered a violation of the banking ethics - in this rule, no exceptions, so if somehow you are in this category of clients - will have to try to prove that you have a legitimate business and the source of money.

Swiss banking secrecy. What has changed the meeting of G20

In fact, nothing has changed. Especially for Legal Note persons. With respect to Swiss banking secrecy, which, as many say "consultants" virtually suschestuvuet - in practice it is not so ... It exists in any bank, not only in Switzerland. This question kommecheskoy benefits, not the law of any country. Unlike the Swiss bank only in the fact that he has far more resources and opportunities around the world to afford to comply with privacy and bankovkuyu nepredostavlyat information in any of the drug in terms of bank needs.

Do not forget - the bank is a private entity with the same business interests as you and she will always protect a valued customer if the customer does clear the bank's advice on doing business in different countries and situations, and brings revenue to the bank. It does not matter what is a bank-Swiss, Cyprus, or Baltic. Some issues in the banks are not accepted to be discussed openly and ask for official correspondence or conversation - before you ask a question bank, set it to us - perhaps we will find a solution to your situation in another way acceptable to all parties.

We specifically asked our colleagues in Switzerland over the "direct" private accounts of American customers in the Swiss bank UBS. To Americans of particular relevance in all banks in the world. Some U.S. customers have not considered the recommendation of the bank and hit the "list". You must understand that not everything depends on your Swiss bank - in fact quite difficult, even in Switzerland, to comply with bank secrecy, if you open a private account in your name or corporate account for the company , in which you are a director and shareholder, and the person authorized to sign imeschim, while all of this information voluntarily given themselves a tax or other authorities of their country.

In fact, almost any banking transaction - it is at least two of the bank and correspondent bank as a rule, and it is likely that other (non-Swiss) bank under the laws of his country was to report to the competent authorities to transfer a large sum to the account of individuals in Switzerland, or the details transaction entity - for your stalls may well predosavit your bank copy of the contract, which is your signature, as the director of an offshore company. And it is likely that this transaction can be qualified as a criminal court of this country and the result is a fairly good reason for requesting information about a particular individual's account or the details of the transaction entity. U.S. citizens are less fortunate of all - the tax office in the United States is also a private commercial entity, its income directly proportional to the amount of taxes collected - and, according to zakonodatelstvu the country's failure to pay taxes is one of the most severely punished crimes.

Most likely, while on our site, you are not a U.S. citizen or US Person within the meaning of the U.S. tax service, and it is likely that you will not otnoisites to the residents of the EU - so will always be welcome and hassle-free for any customer, including a Swiss bank. We will always help you find the banks and the structure of ownership and upravleinya accounts tailored to your individual characteristics and preferences. The meeting and signing of documents can occur in one of our offices or at any convenient place.

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